Nizamiye school Mayfair offers a fully equipped dormitory. It holds a homely yet disciplined environment where pupils live and learn.

Apart from Nizamiye School outstanding academic records it also provides for its students on a more basic level by offering them the choice of living on the school’s premises for convenience of traveling and studying.

Students enjoy their meals in our eating hall which doubles as an entertainment hall which is also used for meetings held between staff and students. Students who require it, have access to the computers at school for study and research purposes.

The facility is cleaned daily as neatness and cleanliness is a priority.

The dormitory master prepares a roster of events so the pupil is aware of study periods, entertainment and meal times.

Nizamiye School Mayfair is an independent primary school and high school in Mayfair/Johannesburg and offers both academic and Islamic education from Grade RR (4-year-olds) up to Grade 12.

Emphasizing the importance of passion, compassion and dedication – the essential characteristics of a teacher – and relying on the bestowals and blessings of the Almighty by putting our absolute trust in His grace, we believe that we can achieve the highest levels of success and offer quality education to all our learners.
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