Sport plays a vital role within the education system as it serves as an informal and fun way to reiterate the lessons and core values taught within the classroom.

At Nizamiye Schools Mayfair, we offer students the opportunity to participate in group sports such as

- soccer
- netball
- cricket
- volleyball
- tennis and
- table tennis

Sport is the best arena to encourage growth and overall physical health of our students. They not only join the school’s sports teams but are also encouraged to play sports during and after the school day.

Students are taught through co-operative learning within the field to create social connections and people skills. These skills extend to the classroom where skills such as team work, respect and understanding of student’s differences are valued.

Physical activities provide an outlet for students anxiety and excess energy therefore increasing levels of concentration. Sport is a means of combining classroom behavioural aspects as well as motor skills required for writing and other everyday tasks with athletic capacities.

Club activities take place after school hours (15:15 – 16:45) on every Monday and Thursday.

- Chess
- Radio&Cinema Club
- Media Club
- Star Givers (relief & outreach)

Students attend different outdoor activities/Excursions throughout the academic year.
Educational excursions (once a year) are compulsory and Fees will be levied according to the trip or activity.
- Science Excursions
- Trip around South Africa

Nizamiye School Mayfair is an independent primary school and high school in Mayfair/Johannesburg and offers both academic and Islamic education from Grade RR (4-year-olds) up to Grade 12.

Emphasizing the importance of passion, compassion and dedication – the essential characteristics of a teacher – and relying on the bestowals and blessings of the Almighty by putting our absolute trust in His grace, we believe that we can achieve the highest levels of success and offer quality education to all our learners.
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