Our pre-primary section at Nizamiye School Mayfair offers classes for Grade RR and Grade R students. We cater for children from age 4 onwards. The children are divided into appropriate age groups and corresponding play areas. Our teachers are qualified and experienced, thus striving to ensure the happiness, safety and wellbeing of each child.

In Grade RR and Grade R, learning is aimed through play and encouraging the development of basic skills. Each child is provided the opportunity to develop and explore their potential in a relaxed, happy and child-orientated environment.

We are a fully registered facility with the Gauteng department of Education. We provide individual attention to our learners and believe in developing our learners holistically by understanding that each learner is an individual and contributes positively to the school environment.

We offer extra-curricular activities after school for our pre-primary learners. These activities include Karate, Playball and Pottery. Our learners participate in our annual sports day, school concert and graduation programmes.
Nizamiye School Mayfair is an independent primary school and high school in Mayfair/Johannesburg and offers both academic and Islamic education from Grade RR (4-year-olds) up to Grade 12.

Emphasizing the importance of passion, compassion and dedication – the essential characteristics of a teacher – and relying on the bestowals and blessings of the Almighty by putting our absolute trust in His grace, we believe that we can achieve the highest levels of success and offer quality education to all our learners.
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